Remote Monitoring

The Klean Water mobile water treatment systems come with an advanced surveillance monitoring system, allowing us to monitor the units from anywhere in the world via live data feed to 24/7 data monitoring center.  Each unit comes with a dedicated internet connection (Wi-Fi, GPRS phone or satellite).

The state-of-the-art communication consoles permit our engineers to monitor the performance of the water treatment unit remotely, from anywhere in the world.  This allows the engineers to:

  • Monitor the easy to use graphical user interface
  • View trends & log data – monitor contaminant levels and provide audit trail of output water quality & environmental compliance reporting
  • Analyze Unit Performance – surveillance & trend curve analysis in real time from our control center.  Adjust unit parameters remotely, minimizing site interaction with our units.

The control room utilizes a preventive maintenance system coupled to the online monitoring system.  Our technical solution & service options provide the customer with the best services & lowest total cost of ownership.