Pilot Testing and Verification

Klean Water offers feasibility and pilot-scale test units that can be dispatched anywhere in the world.

Our test units incorporate ozonation, granulated activated carbon, nano-filtration reverse osmosis, and ultra-violet modules as well as ultra-filtration silicon carbide ceramic membranes.

On-site pilot testing allows us to run various water treatment scenarios & offers the best method for verifying process flux and permeates quality for the ceramic membranes, allowing for easy & reliable up–scaling of the solution.

The water outputs from the test unit are provided to the customer engineers to independently review and approve the water quality achieved by the test unit. The approved water quality will become the guaranteed water specification for the full-size implementation.


The verification test unit is enclosed in a 20’ climate-controlled container, so it is easy to move & allows testing to be undertaken in the harshest climates in the world.

This unit will process sufficient water for us to model the process in the full-size units and is an excellent tool to help minimize the capital cost of the final solution.

Factory trained engineers will be on site to undertake the testing & coordinate with the customer to ensure the correct modular configuration for the water treatment solution.

Once we have confirmed the optimum solution & agreed the output water quality with the customer we can provide costs & a comprehensive implementation plan for the full-size treatment units.

Test equipment is available for rent & sale or alternatively, feasibility trials can be performed in-house.