Oil Water Separation

The Klean Water units can remove both oil & total suspended solids (TSS) from any produced water or wastewater, regardless of the feed water oil concentration:

  • Cleans water containing oil emulsion
  • Consistently removes oil & TSS regardless of particle size
  • System not affected by heavy crude oil with gravity closer to water
  • Handles water with oil content of up to 100,000 ppm (output TDS < 10 ppm, mostly 1 ppm when testing)
  • Chemically resistant for the full pH value from 1-14
  • One-step solution can replace skimmer tanks, micro flotation & walnut shell filter systems
  • Alternatively, our units can work in unison with skimmer tanks to accommodate large volumes of processing.

Our units include advanced Ceramic Membrane technology that can work as a one-step oil water separation solution. However, where there are large volumes of oil water to be treated, the Klean Water unit will work in unison with skimmer tanks.

Skimmer tanks buffer the large concentration fluctuations and recover a significant portion of the oil. The Klean Water units receive the oil water emulsion from the skimmer outlet and clean the water to an oil content of <30ppm, making the water available for reuse. The Klean Water unit returns heavy emulsion back to the skimmer tank from where the oil is recovered.