Oil and Gas – Offshore

Offshore Features


  • Produced water treatment for re-injection
  • Sea water treatment for potable drinking water needs
  • Sewage waste-water treatment for safe disposal into the sea
  • Sea water treatment for safe disposal into the sea
  • Treatment of completion fluids for re-use
  • Treatment of produced water
  • Advanced oil water separation
  • Easily transported in custom built, shockproof, climate controlled container.

Key Benefits

  • Recover water for subsequent operations
  • Recover lost oil from production operations (from oil emulsion not captured by skimmer tanks)
  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Ensure current & future environmental & regulatory compliance for recycling, reuse & safe disposal of water.

A number of water substances are released during routine offshore oil & gas production. Klean Water systems ensure all these water discharges are handled in an efficient manner while protecting the environment.

  • Treat produced water & separate / recover oil
  • Treat & safely discharge all other water discharges
  • Provide clean drinking water to the facility

Featured References

Produced Water, Offshore Oil Rig, North Sea (Denmark)

Treatment of produced water at offshore platform in the North Sea where customer could not meet discharge limit of <30ppm of oil with conventional oil water technology.

Feedwater: Oil water with up to 2,500-ppm oil (highly emulsified)

Output: Oil <10ppm, TSS <10 mg/l.

More Information

The main source of oil discharge from routine production is produced water, which contains hazardous substances occurring naturally in the reservoir & also residues of chemicals used in the production process. The produced water also contains a great deal of oil, from heavy oil particles already separated from the water to very small emulsions that are difficult to treat with conventional skimmers.

Klean Water offers a compact & highly efficient treatment solution that recovers the lost oil & cleans the water to address environmental regulations. Our unit is compact allowing it to be installed on offshore platforms with limited space.

Our units will treat Produced Water to significantly less than 30ppm oil (<5ppm in tests) so that lost oil is recovered & the remaining clean water can either be reused to make oil (gas) production more efficient or it can be safely disposed of directly to the sea. Our solutions will also clean other water discharges to the sea and can take sea water & convert it into potable drinking water for the offshore rig water supply.

Klean Water offers not only installation but also off-site remote operational management & on-site maintenance as part of a comprehensive service to support our customers, helping to boost oil productivity and protect the environment.

Explosion Proof Classification

Klean Water understands the importance of safety on offshore platforms. All our units are built to the highest standards and are classified ‘Intrinsically Safe’ for the purposes of explosion proof classification.