Water is an essential component of every mining project in the world.  Klean Water addresses water management needs associated with:

  • Mine drainage for active or closed mines
  • Tailings Ponds
  • Desalination
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process Water.

Klean Water can offer you customized & cost-effective water management systems to provide mining companies with the following benefits:

  • Improve efficiency by treating process water for reuse
  • Manage environmental risks by treating contaminated pond & underground mine water
  • Provide safe, clean drinking water for remote mining sites
  • Meet strict regulations and promote environmental stewardship by removing heavy metals from wastewater streams
  • Provide packaged mobile units that can be deployed in remote, challenging environments.

Klean Water’s use of Ceramic Microfiltration systems that are designed for the removal of heavy metals from an acid mine drainage system.  Klean Water units will remove high amounts of iron & suspended solids. The automated control & operation of each unit requires very limited supervision from on-site personnel.

We have several different units available to treat different types of water & can customize units for specific customer needs.  For instance, the mobile units can act as activated carbon absorbers (for organic removal, iron or manganese control) or as ion exchange softeners (for water softening or dealkalization).