Enhanced Saltwater Disposal Well Operations

Resource Recovery – Not Waste Disposal

Klean Water aims to provide its world-class non-chemical packaged water treatment solutions to the Saltwater Disposal Well market.  Our treatment units will:

  • Recover all oil from produced water & frac flowback fluids
  • Recover clean water for resale.

The efficiency of the Klean Water unit offers strong incremental revenues to any Saltwater Disposal Well business.

Typical gravity-based oil water separators, such as the gun-barrel tank, allow the oil & water to separate naturally.  However, these systems have limited efficiency & do not allow Saltwater Disposal Well operators to recover all the oil from the waste fluids.

Enhancing Saltwater Disposal Well Operations
Current Process

Typically, Saltwater Disposal Well operations separate oil from the produced water & frac flowback using a gravity-based gun barrel tank.  Oil is skimmed from the top of the gun barrel tank & the separated wastewater pumped down the disposal well.


From our experience & discussions with several operating companies in Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, & North Dakota, we have seen Saltwater Disposal Well operators recover as little as 0.5% oil from the produced water & frac flowback before the wastewater is disposed down well.

Klean Saltwater Disposal Enhanced Recovery Process


Klean Water treatment units are located between the gun barrel & the disposal well to recover the oil that would otherwise be lost & treat the water that would otherwise be disposed:


Klean Water has analyzed wastewater at several disposal wells & often found 2% – 4% oil to be present in the wastewater that is disposed to the well.

Not only can Klean Water recover this lost oil, it can treat the water so that it can be resold to the market, further enhancing Saltwater Disposal Well operator revenues.

Adding a Klean Water treatment unit to a Saltwater Disposal Well’s current operations will allow for the recovery of all oil and clean the water that is currently disposed of down the well.  This will have a significant impact on the financial performance of any Saltwater Disposal Well operator.